CMS project template and demo (play-cms-demo)

The play-cms-demo project is the starting point for testing the cms and new projects. It contains a sensible default configuration, plus some demo data, users, an integrated app example and more.

The Git repo and detailed install instructions for different environments can be found here:

The demo creates some demo content and uses the h2 in-memory db for storage. It is intended to be used as quick-and-easy starting point for your own play-cms project. We've also added a docker-based devops setup for a CI (continuous integration) process. 


By default application will be running on http://localhost:9000/

Log in (credentials see below), modify some content, add new blocks, try to move them around...


Default admin page url: http://localhost:9000/admin

Admin's credentials

password: temp123

Explore and start coding ...
Now it's time to explore the demo project. You can use the demo as a quick starting point for your own project.


The play-cms-demo Project is Structured in three subprojects:

  • server: play-application 
  • client: frontend-application written in scala-js
  • shared: shared classes between client and server (API-Trait for Autowire-communication)

Read more in chapter Frontend (Browser) Development


Suggested next steps 

  • Check out the cms features in the front- and backend
  • Switch to a persisting database, e.g. MySQL (see application.conf)
  • Replace the default admin user with your own
  • See how a custom app is integrated by checking out the crud example block
  • Start your own project :)
  • Ask questions in our play-cms community


Commercial support available

We love our cms and we're here to help you with play-cms projects: From project consulting to developer support to full project teams, we can support your project with everything needed for a successful launch. Contact us via info @ for any questions.