The insign Play Auth provides functionality to manage essential information about parties (people and organizations) and about security policies (permissions and roles).

The central point of access to the PlayAuth API is ch.insign.playauth.PlayAuth. The PlayAuth provides access to the following services:

  • AccessControlManager — provides methods for access control discovery and permissions assignment;
  • PermissionManager — retains information about defined and assigned permissions, provides tools to create & transform permissions;
  • EventDispatcher — dispatches module events and provides methods to add or remove event listeners;
  • PartyManager — provides methods to create, retrieve, update and remove parties;
  • PartyRoleManager — provide methods to create, retrieve, update and remove party roles;

The PlayAuth also provides methods for authentication, impersonation, retrieval of a currently authenticated party's info; it also has shortcuts to some methods of the AccessControlManager.